Is maritime history an environmental history per se?

Although the answer to the enquiry from the title would be unambiguously yes, but it is not so. The true answer is no.  The reason lies in the fact that maritime history encompasses areas of study that cannot be put under the tag of environmental history. To start with the features of maritime history we need to see all the scope of necessary research to call the study a maritime history. E.g. an island, larger or smaller, has a variety of features necessary to be investigated in order to write the maritime history of it. Let’s start from the population involved in maritime activities, then on to the harbours, ships, shipyards, docks, harbour’s logistics, nutrition on ships, medicine etc.  Some of those certainly do not belong to environmental history. But when the men turn to sea then we are on the grounds of environmental history.  The true dependence of men and nature begins here, when the ship unties its knots and starts sailing.  In future blogs I would scratch under the surface of the meaning and scope of maritime history.


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